Are there extra charges for plus sizes?

It is industry standard that plus sizes always have an upcharge, as they do for us from our vendor. Larger sizes require more fabric which in turn makes the price higher. In general, the upcharges are one of the following: For items with 6XL sizing, like the t-shirt – 2XL/3XL is $2 more, 4XL $4 more and 5XL/6XL is $5 more For items with 5XL sizing – 2XL is $2 more, 3XL $3 more, 4XL $4 more, 5XL $5 more For items with 4XL sizing – 2XL is $2 more, 3XL $3 more, 4XL $4 more. Back to Index

How long does it take for the package to arrive?

On average, merchandise is produced and shipped from the facility 2-3 business days after purchase. Standard shipping/transit times apply (1-8 days )

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Shipping is $5.00 for your first item and $1.50 for all additional items.

Where do we Ship?

Currently, we ship to the US only.  However, if you are out of the country and would like our product shipped, let us know and we can possibly add new locations.  Email us at southshoreneptunes@gmail.com with questions.

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